I spend about 84 hours a week online (I refuse to count Netflix, thank you Apple TV).

Granted, I work in the world of social media and email marketing, but most every other person my age logs about the same, if not more, time online.

The average American spends about 26 hours a week online. Compared to 84 hours a week that may not shock you, but think about it—across all ages, genders and income levels, the AVERAGE American is spending 1.0833333 (what?) hours online every day. What would we do with those 26 hours each week if it weren’t for developers? I don’t even want to go there.

It’s safe to say, that I am eternally grateful to the inventor of computer programming. Without those glorious developers, we wouldn’t have funny cat videos, obsessive Facebook stalking or (God forbid) the Google.

Who was the first computer programmer anyway? Fun fact: It was a woman. Check out this great infographic, created by Ellie Koning and originally posted on the now defunct Geekzu.com. Happy (early) National Programmers Day! Now go hug a developer, I’m about to tackle ours.

An Infographic history of computer programming

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