For small to medium businesses, often times your company will live or die by how you treat your customers. (This is actually true of most if not all companies, but I’m just concentrating on the smaller ones for now.)

With great customer service comes great responsibility.

While I was managing the customer service department, I found a lot of great ideas and helpful hints from the author of the Customers Rock! blog, Becky Carroll.

There are undercurrents of a fundamental attitude change in some companies.  Customers are being seen as valuable company assets, not as resource drains.  This is an attitude I call “customers rock!”.  Everyday, both as a businesswoman and as a consumer, I have thoughts and ideas as I walk through the customer experiences of services and products.  I want to share those thoughts and ideas so more companies can learn how to take on this “customers rock!” attitude for themselves.

I really recommend Becky’s blog for some great discussion and ideas on how to make your customers experience ROCK!

‘Chelle Parmele
Social Media Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software