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Bailey Koharchick

I believe three key components power the world: Creativity, dedication and adaptation.

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Today From 9am–10am PDT: #askadeveloper Your Programming Questions

In honor of National Programmer's Day, we invite you to join us on Twitter with your computer programming questions today for the first-ever Bplans #askadeveloper Tweetchat. Read more »


An Infographic History of Computer Programming

Happy (early) National Programmers Day! Without developers, we wouldn't have funny cat videos, obsessive Facebook stalking or (God forbid) the Google. Check out this great infographic, created by Ellie Koning and originally posted on the now defunct Read more »


From “Good Idea” to Funded Tech Startup: Building Hallspot

So how does a business-minded person with limited computer programming abilities launch a social network? I recently interviewed Hallspot founder Sean Thorne to ask him exactly that. Read more »

#askadeveloper Your Web and Programming Questions

The first-ever Bplans #askadeveloper Tweetchat is your opportunity to get free consultation from a professional computer programmer on any of your programming-related questions, no matter how basic or advanced they may be. Read more »

Girls Are Getting Into Programming

Although the overall representation of women in the computer sciences is low—only 15 percent of females graduating from the University of Oregon major in computer science, and only 20 percent of the programmers in the United States are women—the numbers are climbing. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Networked From the Very Start

Mike and Alan both drove business to their websites by networking from the very beginning with experts in their industry. Read more »


Starting a Nonprofit: Chapter 1 of The ‘RIDE Eugene’ Story

Drunk driving is a problem. But in the moment that it's most preventable—when an intoxicated person leaves a bar or restaurant to drive home in their car—there is no easy or obvious solution. That's where RIDE comes in. Read more »


From a Recipe to a Restaurant: The Story of Ume Grill

Armed with some savings, a killer teriyaki steak recipe and a lot of determination, Helen and Rayton taught themselves how to open and run a hugely successful food cart in Eugene, Oregon. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Traded Free Work For Paid Work

Deb could have just offered her services for free to secure her first sale, but instead she bartered her way into a fully paid contract. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Called My Old Boss

Both Donnie and Flynn started their own businesses off on the right foot by contracting with their former full-time employer. It's easier than you'd think. Read more »


Meet the Grand Prize Entrepreneurs of the BEC Boost

Three top-notch business plans won their writers $35,000 in cash and prizes at this year's first-ever BEC Boost. Meet the entrepreneurs (and the companies) behind the winning plans. Read more »


Why Even Lean Startups Need a Business Plan

A good business plan accomplishes much more for a startup than just intriguing investors and lenders; a good business plan actually maps out the business, and guides its growth. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Marketed Myself, Not My Business

Cailen Ascher of CALM biz knew that before she could get people to buy from her, she needed them to get to know her, like her and trust her. So she poured her efforts into building an amazing reputation. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Created A Fake Customer

Christian Gainsbrugh made up customers with very specialized needs and began "working for them" to build his portfolio. Read more »


Sometimes The Customer Isn’t Right

Making customers happy is great for business, and so most managers don't think beyond the basic tenet of customer service that "the customer is always right." Which is great, except for the times when the customer is wrong. Read more »


Ever Wonder Why Startups Choose Such Weird Names?

It started in the 1990s with "Google" and "Yahoo" (which, if you didn't know, named themselves after a misspelling of the huge number "googol" and an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle", respectively). Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Found a Partner and Threw a Huge Event

Chardet Durbin partnered up with complementary businesses to pitch her fitness classes in Central Park, and customers loved it! Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Guerilla-Marketed My Way Onto TV

Greg Doring's sales were slow until he said yes to a last-minute request from a news reporter and things started to take off. Read more »


Getting Funded On Kickstarter: The MIUSA Story

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) is a non-profit organization with an idea for a product. They know they have a good idea, but because they're a non-profit, they face all the usual difficulties of launching a new product plus the particular difficulty of launching a product they don't actually intend to sell. Read more »


How I Got My First Customer: I Offered A Better Deal

Dave advertised a faster turnaround time than his competitors in a targeted ad campaign, and his business took off. Read more »

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