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Bert Doerhoff is an expert in all things having to do with small-business taxes and accounting. He has been chosen multiple times by the CPA Digest for the “Digest 50 Award,” representing one of the top 50 CPA firms in the country. His accounting services in Jefferson City have helped many small businesses find success.

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5 Things You Should Never Tell a Client

Accounting. Marketing. Finance. Law. Realty. What do each of these sectors have in common? Although they come from all ends of the business world, each of these fields involves working for a client. In business, the client relationship is unique. A client should always be able to trust his service provider, expect top-notch deliverables, and... Read more »


6 Tips to Create the Best Possible Work Environment

If you are the manager of a small business, then you know how difficult it can be sometimes to properly manage human resources. Organizing interviews, talking salary and mediating employee conflict are some of the less-glamorous aspects of the job. However, it’s also one of the most important facets of maintaining a happy and stable... Read more »


What You Can Learn From the World’s Most Successful Business Owners

Steve Jobs – Charisma can take you far. Steve Jobs was one of the most intelligent and innovative men to walk the planet, but he was also one of the most charismatic. Jobs was a professional at garnering excitement for new innovations and products and creating an enthusiastic crowd around him. If you truly believe... Read more »