Beth Anne WhalenBeth Anne Whalen

Beth Anne Whalen has 13 years of sales, sales management, and marketing experience. She has worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, First Advantage Corporation, and Raymond James. She was also co-founder and president of

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Marketing’s view is 30,000 feet, Sales’s is 3 feet.

It is not uncommon in the business world for people to lump sales and marketing together. At my former employer, I was a manager in the sales and marketing department. The only thing was, there were only sales people in our department – no marketing personnel. I remember having a talk about this with our... Read more »


The Devil Is in the Details

Being an outside sales person for Palo Alto Software, I am keenly aware of the process that other sales people use when trying to sell to us. This week, a company contacted me to try and get our advertising dollars for their magazine and website. The meeting was cursed before it even began. Here’s why:... Read more »


The Sample Business Plans You Won’t See…

At Palo Alto Software, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of sample business plans that we offer in Business Plan Pro.   From car wash to pharmacy and most everything in between, there are plans that entrepreneurs will find to help them start their particular type of businesses.   But below are 5 actual “ventures” that,... Read more »


The Rising Cost of PB&J….

I have a favorite restaurant here in Eugene that I absolutely love…or should I say…did love.  This cafe has several locations around town and they are wildly popular.  Like any business would want to do, they are hoping to capitalize on their success.  Thus, they just opened their first “franchise model” store in town.  But... Read more »