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Bill Brelsford is a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant who specializes in creating and implementing marketing strategies for professional service firms. You can follow Bill on Twitter.

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Strategy Before Tactics Saves You Money

[Note: I’m proud to welcome Bill Brelsford as a guest author here. This post was originally posted on Bill’s Blog and is re-posted here with his permission. — Tim] Over the weekend, I read an interesting post on the CRM & Tech for the Small Business Blog titled – Top 3 Reasons Why Changing CRM... Read more »


Your Customer’s Buying Process

Do you know what your customer’s buying process looks like? If you sell professional services, or other complex andor expensive products and services, your customers probably view buying as a process rather than as an event. If buyers go through a process to make their decisions then it makes sense that the more closely our... Read more »


The Marketing Plan Review Process – Your Key to Marketing Success

For most professional service firms creating a marketing system is not a onetime project with a definite begin and end period. Rather, it is an iterative process, where we work on adding a new component to the system, improve an existing piece, and perhaps remove a component that is not performing. This need for an... Read more »


How To Burn Your Marketing Budget Without Really Trying

Tales of woe regarding small business direct mailing campaigns are all too common. A while back, a fellow Duct Tape Marketing Coach shared a story she heard from a prospective client regarding a failed direct marketing campaign. Here are some of the relevant numbers from the campaign: •    Number of pieces mailed: 9,800 •    Response:... Read more »


Spam, comments and more spam

I almost didn’t write this post because I didn’t want to sound snarky post-holidays. I finally decided to write it because I think that some small business owners may be receiving some bad advice related to leaving comments to build SEO. Worse yet, some may be paying people to do this for them. I’ve noticed, both on... Read more »