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Dave Cannon is a social entrepreneur based in the Pacific Northwest and contributor to Bplans.com. After attending the BYU Marriott school he co-founded and raised over $100,000 for FindProz.com, a microenterprise e-commerce platform.

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Top 10 Questions on Pitching Using LivePlan

The best thing you can do to nail an investor pitch is to learn how the process works and be prepared. Since you don't know what to expect until you've tried it a few times, you can minimize missteps by learning from the advice (and mistakes) of others. Here are some frequently-asked questions on pitching an idea to investors. Read more »


The Best Local Marketing Blogs to Read in 2013

Are you looking to promote your business to a local audience? Local marketing practices change constantly, and one way to keep up with the times is to find leading experts and follow their blogs. Just a few minutes a day browsing through your blog reader will help you generate new ideas, find relevant tips, and increase profits. The following blogs rank among the best in their field. Read more »


3 Reasons Your Menu Sucks

A price is much more than a number. Here are some ways to use your menu and pricing structure to craft a memorable experience for your customer. Read more »


Your Financial Health Snapshot: The Key Metrics You Need

Imagine piloting an airplane: you taxi to the runway, prepare for takeoff, and as you’re rapidly speeding up to get airborne you notice a construction crew frantically working to build out the rest of the runway. This just about sums up the financial stress of being an entrepreneur. While a certain amount of discomfort is just part of the lifestyle, being able to answer these key questions should help you sleep soundly at night. Read more »


Tired of PowerPoint? Here are the best alternatives

Roughly 95 percent of slideshow presentations are still given in PowerPoint, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t evaluate other tools. We’ll run through the top alternatives and weigh the pros and cons. Google Docs Presentations A free feature in Google Docs (Trust us, it’s there; you just never use it.) If you consider yourself a... Read more »


4 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Recruiter

Have you ever considered hiring a recruiting agency to source a high-impact or hard-to-find employee? Our friends at Software Advice have a few guidelines to help you weed out the wrong type of recruiters. 1. What is the internal turnover rate at your recruiting firm? If an agency can’t source their own internal talent effectively, how do you... Read more »


Should You Consider Using Bitcoin?

Recent news on the Cyprus banking crisis has brought Bitcoin back into the public view. As the total value of Bitcoins surpasses $1 billion and more merchants jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, you may be wondering if you should look into Bitcoin yourself. Let’s take a closer look. What is Bitcoin? Founded four years ago... Read more »


Why Introverts Get More Sales

Introverts can be extraordinary entrepreneurs. Here are a few personality traits that set them apart from their more outgoing counterparts. One summer while in college I took a sales job to pay the bills. I was painfully shy and terrified of the prospect of meeting new people, but I needed the money and decided to... Read more »