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Devon Smiley is a Negotiation Consultant for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to stop taking what they can get, and start asking for what they deserve. A firm believer that no one is ever too small to negotiate, Devon’s mission is to make sure that you’re maximizing your earnings, signing fair deals, and keeping as much of that hard-earned money in your pocket as possible. A former corporate negotiator who knows all too well the tactics, tricks and techniques of the business world; Devon has turned her experience and passion for negotiation towards ensuring that entrepreneurs aren’t getting the short end of the stick. If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, or a corporation looking to do things a little differently, you can learn more about how Devon can help your business at DevonSmiley.com

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Negotiation

In my experience, the mere mention of “negotiation” brings about one of two reactions in people. Some grin with glee, excited to leap into discussions and meet their competitor on the battlefield. Others grimace with anxiety, shaking their head as if to say “No. Not me. Please—not me.” No matter which camp you’re in, the... Read more »