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Email bridges the gap in Copenhagen

If the health of our planet is of interest to you, then the next two weeks are as important as any in history, as told by Connie Hedegaard. The incoming president of COP15, the United Nation’s conference on climate change, does not mince words about the crucial nature of this global gathering. In an article... Read more »


Soliciting unsolicited praise

Lots of things can happen when a job is done well. Here are a few: 1. Personal satisfaction 2. Sales for your company (or yourself) 3. Preservation of the natural “buying-selling” ecosystem 4. Unsolicited praise from your client base This particular post is about number four. Every once in a while, a user of your... Read more »


Let them eat cake!

Today, Palo Alto Software got a taste of good business practice (and you just got a bad taste of pun). The team at FormSpring not only integrated our customer email management service, Email Center Pro (a process we’ve been working on for a couple of months), but they sent us a cake from the best... Read more »


Email Madness Solved

Email is one of those things that people talk A LOT about fixing. It makes a terrific virtual water cooler topic because it meets the following requirements: 1. It’s draining 2. It’s incessant 3. Almost everyone has a suggestion about how to manage it I’m going to go out on a limb and postulate that... Read more »


What a Guy

It’s nice when Guy Kawasaki writes about/alludes to/makes cursory mention of the product or service into which you pour a significant portion of your waking hours. It means more than enjoying an influx of traffic to your website (a handy side-effect, no doubt). It’s also an encouraging validation that you’re taking some steps in the... Read more »


Email Sure Is Dead… If “Dead” Means “Useful”

Every so often (a rather ambiguous date range, don’t you think?) the demise of email is predicted. It’s a pain. It’s a spam-laden nightmare. It’s archaic and clunky. It’s possible that you, too, see email through this lens. But I’m going to hazard a guess and say that, regardless, email is still an essential part... Read more »


Don’t Let “Vacation Email” Happen to You

This is a time of year when family and good cheer should take precedence over work and things like email monitoring. Many of us will step away from our inboxes and turn our focus on real boxes — those containing gifts. Of course that’s not to say that messages aren’t going to continue materializing in... Read more »