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Joel Nielsen

Joel Nielsen is the founder of MediaShark, LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah. A chronic entrepreneur, Mr. Nielsen has 16 years of experience consulting thousands of businesses in marketing, management, and social media optimization.

Recent Articles Published by Joel Nielsen


Granting Creative License

I used to be a Type A personality. I lived by the mantra that “If you want it done right you have to do it yourself.” This meant that I took over all of the management duties; accounting, HR, marketing and yes, even the janitorial duties. That came to an abrupt end when I went... Read more »


5 (Sarcastic) Truths About Entrepreneurship That No One Will Tell You

My cousin Brian recently shared an article titled 5 Ways To Test An Entrepreneurial Idea. It was full of cute and inspiring ideas on how to succeed in the world of small business ownership. “Research an analogy,” “Contact your prospective clients,” and my personal favorite, “Visualize it.” When I read the last one I choked... Read more »

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