Kristen Langham

Kristen Langham is a Marketing Project Manager for Palo Alto Software, where she focuses on customer engagement.

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Will a business plan help you raise money?

The necessity of a business plan is a controversial topic. What is the importance of a plan? Do you only need a plan if you’re looking for investment? Or can a plan help your business succeed in the long run? Do you think a business plan will help provide you with a leg up if... Read more »


Do love and passion conquer all in business?

It’s Valentine’s Day, so love and passion abound today. While most people tend to celebrate their personal relationships on Valentine’s Day, businesses also deserve some love and recognition. For entrepreneurs, passion is often what drives them to start their own business. Is passion enough? Does raw talent trump passion? How can and should the two... Read more »


Your Headline Is Your Pick-Up Line

A couple months ago, I attended my first email marketing conference and came back to the office with pages of notes, my brain packed full of information, and a fire in my belly to completely revamp our email marketing program. Due to time constraints, limited bandwidth, other projects needing immediate attention and the lack of... Read more »


Email Marketing Do’s and Do not’s

Email marketing can be a viable sales channel for many organizations, but it can also be scary, uncharted territory. Recipients can tell you they never want to hear from you again, emails can bounce if you don’t have updated email addresses, subscribers can mark your emails as spam (even when they aren’t!), and your email... Read more »


Happy Planning

I read a really useful post by Brad Sugars on the other day and it reminded me of what Tim Berry and John Jantsch often have to say.  The post was about marketing planning and listed five things to avoid when putting your plan together. These words particularly caught my eye: A good marketing plan is... Read more »

Want to win $675K in cash and prizes?

The Rice Business Plan Competition is now accepting applications for the 2009 competition, to be held April 16 – 18 in Houston, TX. Only 36 teams will have the opportunity to compete in this prestigious competition, and one lucky team will walk away with more than $675,000 in cash and prizes. All interested teams must... Read more »


To blog or not to blog…

Every time I think about blogging, I question what I should write about, whether or not I have the time, if people will read my posts, etc. But when I actually think about what blogging can do for our business, it’s really a no-brainer. Blogging is pretty much free marketing (and can actually be kind... Read more »


The fundamentals of networking

You may start noticing a theme on the BIG Blog – “Back to Fundamentals” – and when you sit down and think about it, it is a really simple idea that can have a really big impact on your business. Whether or not your company is in a financial pinch, the economy is in a... Read more »


Taking my own advice

As the Marketing Manager for Palo Alto Software, I interact regularly with entrepreneurs or those helping entrepreneurs start their businesses. And with that comes a lot of encouragement to plan. It’s very easy to tell people they need to plan and without planning, they won’t have a roadmap for success. But actually sitting down to... Read more »


Is college worth it?

To me, yes, college is worth it. I didn’t go to college expecting to graduate and make $50K in my first job (or even $30K for that matter). I didn’t go to college expecting the school to make me more savvy as an entrepreneur. I went to college because it was logically the next step... Read more »

Let’s get it started

As an entrepreneur, how far could $250K get you and your business? If you are interested in starting your business in Fresno, CA, you have a chance to find out. Start It Up – Fresno’s $250K Entrepreneur Challenge is an opportunity for one lucky entrepreneur to win $100K in cash and $150K in prizes and... Read more »


Take it to the next level

I just returned to my office after visiting the local FedEx Kinko’s for assistance with a couple marketing projects. As I walked out of the store, I thought about how pleasant my experience was and how receiving good vs. bad customer service can really affect you as a consumer. The sales associate I worked with... Read more »


How do you roll…or bounce?

If you struggle with picking yourself up and moving forward after a bad event, the book Bounce by Barry Moltz might be just the book for you. Moltz states: …this is a book about developing bounce, a kind of true business confidence that brings its own special brand of resiliency…a book about accepting failure as... Read more »

Best of luck

Today in our office, we had the opportunity to sit in on the final presentations given by Tim Berry’s students in his BA 410 class at the University of Oregon. The class is comprised of non-business majors, and many have limited experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, Tim’s goal for the class is to provide... Read more »


Do you know what’s in your backyard?

Yesterday I attended an Advisory Committee Meeting for the local Business Development Center office (also known to many as the SBDC office), and although I have been working with them for the last 20 months, I gained a deeper appreciation and respect for what they do day in and day out. In the last 9... Read more »


More than meets the eye

I recently read John Jantsch’s post, Coach vs. Consultant, and one of his statements caught my attention: “Whatever you call it, there is no doubt that having a trusted adviser, one that calls BS when it needs calling, is one of the most valuable assets an entrepreneur can obtain.”   It is interesting to read... Read more »


Birthday Bagels

Today at our office we celebrated April birthdays with bagels. We used to celebrate with cake, pie, cupcakes or some other sugary treat, but in an effort to reduce the amount of sugar consumed within the office, our CEO made the decision to switch to bagels. For some reason there seemed to be a lot... Read more »


Sort of back in college

I just returned from attending Tim Berry’s BA 410: New Business Planning class at the University of Oregon. My reasoning for attending his class was two-fold. One: I manage our Academic Channel and instructors often ask me if and how our software can be used in the classroom. I generally reply with something like, “The... Read more »


The ultimate low-cost startup

I posted the other day about unlikely businesses, like the small repair shop here in Eugene that specializes in fixing electric shavers. Talking that over with a couple of people around the office reminded me of another unusual business I saw recently: a midway stand on the Coney Island boardwalk called, charmingly enough, Shoot the... Read more »


Is Providing Good Customer Service Really That Hard?

I just got off the phone with a University Bookstore (who shall remain anonymous) who purchased 24 copies of our Business Plan Pro software. We did play a little phone tag before we connected, but the time that lapsed between his original call and the call where we actually spoke was 22 hours (not bad... Read more »