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Kristen Langham is a Marketing Project Manager for Palo Alto Software, where she focuses on customer engagement.

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Why single-use business plans suck

Back in the early ’90s I joined a season-long NFL football pool with some friends. The format was simple: before the season started, you filled out the entire schedule for the coming year, circling the team you thought would win each game. Then you watched the actual season play out. Each time one of your... Read more »

Breakfast for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack?

I recently came across a post at Campus Entrepreneurship about the rise of food/kitchen incubators for culinary entrepreneurs. It is an interesting idea, but what caught my eye more than this idea was the link to Cereality, a cereal fast food restaurant, in a nutshell. Cereal – such a simple product that everyone knows and... Read more »


So, can you read people’s minds?

When people find out I have a BA in Psychology but work as a Marketing Manager for a software company (or previously as a Staffing Manager for a temp agency or a Human Resources Manager for a sign manufacturing company), they generally pose one of two questions: 1. How did you end up in marketing... Read more »


Down with “friendly,” “personalized” customer service!

Noah Parsons, our COO, raised a good point last week in his post on the sometimes squandered customer service advantages of local businesses. Although in theory local companies should be better than chain-store corporations at being friendly and familiar to local customers, the reality is sometimes the opposite. It depends a lot on the outlook... Read more »


Free website creators

Ten years ago, creating a good website demanded an obscure, even downright weird set of skills. Basic HTML was easy enough to learn — I remember picking up the basics over a long weekend, preparing to move a set of technical documentation into a HTML-based online help system. But getting websites to behave themselves in... Read more »


Flight 7677 is Now Boarding

Traveling for business can sometimes seem glamorous and fun – you generally get to travel to fun cities and hopefully have some free time to explore and experience something new – all on someone else’s dime. While this certainly can be the case, it can also be hectic, exhausting and lonely. While I would have... Read more »


Quick, free image editing

What do you do when you need to quickly modify an image for a business document or presentation, and you don’t have access to your regular photo editing application or, even more commonly, your Photoshop guy. (Ours is called Rodrigo. Hi, Rodrigo!) I found myself in this situation the other day, helping a family member... Read more »