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Laura Ries is president of Ries & Ries (www.ries.com), a marketing consulting firm in Atlanta. Laura and her partner/father, Positioning pioneer Al Ries – have co-written six books on branding that challenge conventional wisdom. Al’s revolutionary book “Positioning: The battle for your mind” taught us words are important in marketing and now Laura’s book “Visual Hammer” (www.VisualHammer.com) tells us why visuals are more powerful.

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To Build a Brand, You Need to Own a Word in the Mind

Procter & Gamble, perhaps the world’s most-famous marketing organization, use to have a rule when it came to writing memos on strategy. The first sentence of the memo had to start with “This is to recommend . . . ” And the rest of the sentence had to sum up the recommendation. Today, we need... Read more »