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Interview with Andrew Warner: A Hugely Successful Entrepreneur and Founder of

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on BIG blog mentioning my assignment to interview successful men.  Today, Friday, May 29th at 11:00 AM PDT, I will be interviewing Andrew Warner, a young, super star entrepreneur, and Founder of The interview will run live on the Mixergy site. I surf business sites daily. ... Read more »


Starting a Blog: How important are comments?

I’ve discovered a controversy over blog comments.  Of the many, “helpful tips” I’ve read online for how to be a successful blogger, a common theme emerges.  Invite comments.  Include your readers.  Help them be interactive.  Look at any hugely popular blog, let’s use The Sartorialist for example (one of my favorites), and you may see... Read more »


Starting a Blog: Don’t forget the images!

As a new blogger, who in all honesty, never read a blog before, I made many classic mistakes. The first few posts on my men’s blog were simply text, as I didn’t yet understand the importance of images. I kept them short and simple, and gave them a catchy male-enticing title like Hot and Bothered... Read more »


Starting a Home Business: an honest diary

We’re very excited to welcome Lisa Bruckner as a guest author on the Business in General Blog.  As you’ll read below, Lisa is starting a new business as a consultant for the fast growing business The Trunk Club, based in Bend Oregon.  We’re looking forward to hearing about Lisa’s journey as she starts and grows... Read more »