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The Three “Real” Rules of Marketing Success

Clate Mask is CEO of one of the Inc 500’s fastest-growing companies, Infusionsoft.com. Ask him about how to build a successful business, and he’ll say, “There are three, and only three, factors that really have an iron grip on the profits of any marketing effort. The smartest marketing minds on the planet have boiled these... Read more »


Create an Online “Interest” Group and Watch the Leads Pour In

Until recently, if you had some expert knowledge in a specific area of business, you kept it pretty secret and only shared your hard-earned expertise with paying customers. The Internet has changed that. Sites like Meetup.com, Flickr.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and Slideshare.com allow members to create interest groups around a niche or a topic and freely... Read more »


What About Those Added Value New Year’s Resolutions?

I love year-end posts where we see the flood of “Best of 2009” lists of tips, tricks and ideas to steal. I actually love getting these. I like to review them and see if we’ve used any during the past year, and whether they have worked for us. There are always nuggets to mine, and... Read more »


Retailers: Do You Wonder When Will I See You Again?

Have you ever thought that running a business, especially a retail store, is a lot like dating? There you are in your store and in walks Mr. or Ms. “Right,” that ideal customer who simply loves your store and goes wild for your stuff. You have a great time and Mr. or Ms. Right leaves... Read more »


What Is Your Business Really Good At?

We recently helped one of our clients, a skills training centre, do some research with a group of small business owners. We discovered that the three top issues on the minds of these business people were: how to find new customers; how to stay ahead of their competition; and how to spend their marketing money... Read more »


How a Business is Learning What Small Businesses Want to Learn

One of our favourite clients is a business training centre at a local college. For the past few months, we’ve been working with their team to find out what small business owners want most from training, and how they want to receive it. We began by doing a telephone survey. It was illuminating to see... Read more »