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Milton Zlotnick was the founding and managing partner of a midsized CPA firm in NYC before joining Plan4Biz.com, LLC. He served for a number of years on the New York State Society of CPAs' Financial Planning Committee. He is currently a Community Leader and Host for AOL's Business Know How division, providing advice on business plan preparation. He has taught Business Plan Preparation at the College of Staten Island (Options Program), New York. In addition he has conducted numerous seminars on e-commerce for SCORE and the SBA.

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The truth behind small business grants

Grants to for-profit businesses are virtually nonexistent. Don’t believe promoters who advertise that they will charge you a fee for a list of grants on the books. Grants are generally for nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation. They are virtually not available in the for-profit sector unless there’s some esoteric local program in your own... Read more »


Getting Noticed on a Shoestring

Here are a few ideas to get your business noticed if you are on a tight budget: Write and distribute press releases that are newsworthy, and send them to newspapers, magazines, and television and radio stations. If only one media outlet airs the story, you’ll have free access to thousands of people. Renting space at... Read more »


What’s That Business Worth?

When valuing a business for sale, start by reviewing basic financial statements. Example: A husband and wife have been working in his father’s small business for almost four years now. They would like to buy his small business from him. It is a independent copier/fax dealership located in a small town. They know the market... Read more »