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Nick Chowdrey is a staff writer for specialist freelancer and contractor accountants, Crunch. He specializes in writing about technology and business, and is a frequent contributor to a variety of online publications and industry blogs.

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What Successful Freelancers Wish They’d Known from the Start

The idea of starting your own business may sound daunting, but the reality is that the economic downturn has forced a lot of Americans to start working for themselves, either by setting up their own venture, or working as a freelancer. In fact, recent research predicts that 40% of America’s workforce will be self-employed by... Read more »


Could Bitcoin Fund Your Business?

Bitcoin is slowly but surely nosing its way into the mainstream world of business. About a year ago, it was only accepted by a handful of hipster coffee shops and a few artisanal food trucks. Today, huge websites like Overstock and Expedia have hopped on the boat—and the list is always growing.  A constant hum... Read more »