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Roger Wu is the co-founder of native advertising platform Cooperatize . In addition, he has been published in Forbes and Quartz and will be publishing a book this winter. Previously he started Klickable.tv, was on the Bloomberg Law founding team, and was a banker at Goldman Sachs. He started and sold the Stamford Tech Meetup, and runs three other digital marketing and PR based Meetups. He has received a Webby Award, a Guinness Record, and is the occasional actor. He holds three degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and lives in NYC.

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Please Note: all figures mentioned were accurate at the time of writing.  Every entrepreneur has heard of the Lean Startup methodology; it’s a great way to prove demand with less time and money and to prevent building a product that no one will want. In practice though, the Lean Startup methodology is hard to figure out.... Read more »