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Sabrina has served as CEO of Palo Alto Software since 2007. She and her husband, Noah, founded a UK software distribution company in 2001 that later was purchased by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Palo Alto Software. Sabrina is a successful Internet expert, having served as Director of Online Marketing at Commtouch, Senior Producer at, and founder of her own Web consulting company, Lighting Out. She is a graduate of Princeton University. Sabrina masquerades as MommyCEO (, where she writes a blog about running a business and balancing that with life with her husband and three young sons. When Sabrina is not at work she can be found chasing her kids all over Oregon: biking, hiking, swimming, skiing, and anything outdoors that uses up a lot of little boys' energy.

Recent Articles Published by Sabrina Parsons

RECAP: ASBDC Annual Conference in Chicago

Sept 3-5th Palo Alto software was a platinum sponsor for the ASBDC annual conference which was held in Chicago this year. As always we had a great time supporting the ASBDC and all the SBDC counselors who work hard to help America’s small businesses succeed. We had the pleasure of teaming up with John Jantsch this... Read more »


When the economy gets tough… the tough get the new Marketing Plan Pro

Today we launched our long awaited new marketing planning software: Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing. We are so excited to make this product available to our customers, and to bring the expertise and sheer marketing genius of John Jantsch to our product line. While Marketing Plan Pro has been an award winning... Read more »


Easy, But Great, Local Marketing

as posted on MommyCEO A neighbor down the street from my house has been doing a fairly extensive remodeling project this summer. As fellow home owners my husband and I have been curious and always try to peek at the house to see what is being done. There is, of course, a little sign on... Read more »


How do I know?

When people are putting together their initial business plan or marketing plan they often get hung up on the research portion of the plan. How do I know: How many people are in my target market? How many of the target market I can expect to buy my goods or services? More about the demographics... Read more »


Email Begets Email

As small businesses get more Web savvy they are being told to understand email marketing and to use it as a great way to reach their customers. For the first time in a while I see great advice about email marketing: if you send it out — be ready to reply to it. Seth Godin... Read more »


Amazing… Bank of America reads blogs

A few weeks ago I blogged about customer service and I relayed an experience I had at the Eugene Track and Field Olympic Finals with Bank Of America. They were a sponsor and had a booth, and apparently were treating non-customers better than customers. Much to my amazement, on Friday I got a call from... Read more »


Duct Tape Marketing Reviews Email Center Pro!

I want to thank John Jantsch, marketing guru extraordinaire, for writing up a great blog post on Email Center Pro: Making Sense of the Email Madness. Its nice to see people understanding what a good email service can do for a small business. Thanks John! Sabrina Parsons aka Mommy CEO Read more »


Update: Amazon Makes Good

So I am relieved to say that Amazon did the right thing and proved to me that they do care about customer service. I was so upset with them yesterday, and vowed I would no longer be a loyal customer. Today not only is my item being delivered, but I have 3 emails from their... Read more »


Amazon used to be all about customer service – what happened?

I ordered an item June 30th. I paid for one day shipping (granted it was cheap shipping – but that’s not my fault). Amazon shipped the item on July 1st. But somehow mysteriously Amazon can ship out July 1st, promise one day shipping and deliver July 3rd. I am not a PHD in Math —... Read more »


Customer Service Is Marketing

Seth Godin writes a great post about Verizon and their lack of customer care. What I find fascinating is companies that have lots and lots of money to spend on marketing — and then totally blow it on the customer service side of things. What exactly is so difficult about putting a proper system in... Read more »


Someone Is Actually Teaching Our Kids?

I just read a great article about a public high school in Boston that makes a class called “Ventures” a requirement for graduation. All their students must take a class the involves writing a business plan and pitching it to business people as well as pitching themselves to a local company for a 6 week... Read more »


Women Not Internet Savvy?

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published an article about the results from a survey at a Microsoft Small Business event called Vision to Venture conference. The survey at this event found that 61% of women who own small businesses do no online marketing and 40 percent do not have a website. I... Read more »

Princeton Business Plan Competition

The 4th annual Princeton Business Plan Competition is happening Friday May 30th on Princeton University campus in Princeton, NJ. Tim Berry, president of Palo Alto Software, and I will be there to help judge, run, and teach at the competition.  5 start-ups will be presenting their ideas to a panel of judges in hopes of winning a... Read more »


Fire Fighting Versus Big Building

These days I feel like all I do all day is fight fires. Case in point, I have been wanting to write this blog post since March 26th, when Seth Godin posted about fighting fires as a career versus a career of what you really want to do. I know that most people feel like... Read more »

Inspiring Minds

I just got back from the Women In Leadership conference given at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. More often than not, I am disappointed in conferences and their agendas, which is why I do not go to very many. But the WIL conference was fantastic! The Keynotes were great and all 3 were... Read more »

Women In Leadership Conference March 1st

I am headed off the the Women in Leadership conference at the Haas School of Business at Berkeley this weekend. I am excited for the event and will let you all know my thoughts on it next week. The conference comes highly recommended and the agenda looks great! Sabrina Parsons aka Mommy CEO Palo Alto... Read more »

5 subtle changes in the event Microsoft Acquires Yahoo!

I just came across this great blog: Merlin’s List of Five Things If you are looking for a fun Friday read check it out. For example: 5 subtle changes in the event Microsoft Acquires Yahoo!: your photos are still your own (although human faces are now obscured by selected partner company logos) owing to... Read more »


90% of success is just showing up

People always wonder what it takes to really be successful. I remember wondering as I graduated from college whether I would “make it” in the “real world.” I somehow had this picture  that everyone would be smart and hard working and know what they were doing. 12 years out I know the sad reality of... Read more »


Yes, for the last time, you need a plan!

Sometimes I think all of us at Palo Alto Software feel like broken records. And yes, I know, it’s our job to encourage people to write plans. In fact its our livelihood. Sometimes feel like a dentist telling people, yes you really have to floss. We all know we should floss. We know it will... Read more »


Buzz Worthy Business Plans

As Palo Alto Software embarks on the business plan competition season I thought I would write a quick post on the top 10 things that make a business plan “BUZZ WORTHY”: #10: Know your market Focus on the total addressable market, not the total potential market #9: Pitch first. Plan Second. Is there a “there,... Read more »

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