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Sabrina Parsons is a successful Internet expert, veteran of several successful Internet ventures, and co-founder of her own consulting company Lighting Out Consulting. She is currently CEO of Palo Alto Software.

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Your Website in the Mind of Your Customer

Your site positioning is the website equivalent to product positioning in market strategy and product strategy. You need to relate your website to the benefits offered to target users, and locate it in relation to its strategic focus on defined benefits for defined target users. Position your website to play towards strengths and away from... Read more »


Your Online Competitive Analysis

Who competes with you for your customer’s time and money? Are they selling directly competitive products and services, substitutes, or possible substitutes? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How are they positioned in the market? A good competitive analysis varies according to what industry you’re in and your specific Web plan and situation. A competitive... Read more »


Marketing Your Web Business

A website does nothing for your business or organization by itself. Its use depends on traffic, and traffic depends on marketing. A website without a marketing plan is as useful as a toll free telephone number that nobody knows about. One of the biggest and most widespread fallacies of the late 20th century Internet boom... Read more »


Website Business Models

The term “business model” became popular in the late 1990s, during the Internet boom, in part because many website businesses seemed to plan for generating traffic without a clear view of how or when traffic would generate revenue and profits. The term itself is a bit too trendy, in our opinion. Talk of the business... Read more »


Realistic Plans for Your Website

As you develop company strategy, you should also develop a realistic Web plan for your website’s look, feel and functionality. This is often called the Web “front end,” or scale and technical reach of your site. There is an enormous range of possibilities for Web development, from the $10/month hobbyist site developed in simple HTML... Read more »


Set Your Website Traffic Goals

A Web plan should include realistic estimates of projected Web traffic. The first step is to look at the details on measuring projected traffic, and how and where to develop realistic estimates. Regardless of whether your website strategy involves selling products, or bringing in community members, or even developing content, in all cases measuring website... Read more »


How to Choose The Right Business For You

Your passion, your knowledge, and a dose of my practical advice are the best places to start in choosing your new business. Read more »