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Scott Campbell is the President of Atlanta marketing firm Impact Marketing, a marketing coaching/consulting firm that focuses on the Building Sector. Scott has helped numerous businesses break out of the traditional processes that don’t work very well anymore into approaches that are more effective and applicable today. He is a sought-after speaker, writer and blogger on the core subject of direct marketing.

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Jump In, the Water’s Fine

Technology and its Effect on our Lives and Business I remember reading a book when I was young which made an attempt to predict the future and how we would be living today. Most of the changes had to do with technology–specifically along the lines of a popular TV show from the 1960s, The Jetsons. I remember... Read more »


Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Wow, this last year has been something else, huh? The fallout from Wall Street’s financial collapse, the mortgage crisis, the global economic downturn, high unemployment…I think I can safely say that this year has been “special”. And I doubt that few people have been untouched by these negative events. The effect has been pretty severe... Read more »


A New Day is Dawning

Palo Alto Software is proud to welcome Scott Campbell, one of the Duct Tape Marketing Coaches that will be posting over the next several months. The recent words of the President had not only meaning for the typical citizen, but should have had a lot of meaning for the typical small business owner. The truth... Read more »