Tim Nagle

Tim Nagle was the owner of The Marketing Coach. Tim works with select small companies who want to grow their business to the next level. He is a highly regarded professional marketer with over 15 years experience and is known for his immensely practical approach and ideas. Tim has been involved in a broad range of marketing & business activities which gives him a wealth of knowledge to bring to The Marketing Coach clients. Follow Tim on Google+.

Recent Articles Published by Tim Nagle


When a client calls, are you prepared?

It is easier to close a sale when a prospect has sought YOU out, rather than when you approach them. One of the reasons for this is that when a prospect approaches you, the business relationship starts out on a more equal footing. Contrast the situation where a prospect approaches you with the built in... Read more »


A Word from the Man in the Middle: Building a Culture for Success

Having run a small business with almost 50 employees, sometimes I was conscious of the question, “Am I a good boss? What makes a good boss?” I felt we had a great environment with energetic, committed “team” members. We were one individual part of a national company that I was a partner with, but in... Read more »


Give a small business an ad, feed them for a day, teach a small business to market, feed them for Life!

Palo Alto Software is proud to welcome Tim Nagle, one of the Duct Tape Marketing Coaches that will be posting over the next several months. In our new president’s speech he said, “This is a new era of responsibility.” It is a new era. I can look at these words in many different ways and... Read more »

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