You know the drill: Somebody sets a rule, you bring up an exception, they say “that’s a special case.” Now apply that thought to your next new business. Be the special case. Become the exception. In That’s a special case, Seth Godin says:

People look at PCWorld magazine and they say, “that will never work online.” And they’re right, it won’t, because the business is organized around print and monthly or weekly editions and display ads and a sales force and . . .

“Our business will never work online.”

And they’re right.

But Mashable works just great online. And so does Lifehacker.

“But that’s a special case!”

Exactly. But the New Yorker was a special case, too. There are plenty of topics that couldn’t support a magazine the way the magical mix of this magazine could.

Seth’s done a world of good with his work on the simple but very powerful application of the word (and concept) remarkable. Being literally remarkable is huge. Being the special case is part of that.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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