Today in our office, we had the opportunity to sit in on the final presentations given by Tim Berry’s students in his BA 410 class at the University of Oregon. The class is comprised of non-business majors, and many have limited experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Therefore, Tim’s goal for the class is to provide a solid background with practical application of important concepts culminating with presentations, and we had the opportunity to listen to and judge these presentations.

I sat in on a few of Tim’s classes during the term, and I was intrigued to discover that a handful of his non-business major students were already entrepreneurs. It was interesting to hear the presentations of those already in business compared to the presentations of those interested in becoming entrepreneurs or those simply presenting because it was a class requirement. The differences were clear, but public speaking isn’t easy so I have to commend all the students for a job well done.

I love to hear the ideas people have for new businesses, the logic behind how they chose the idea and how they plan to implement the idea to make the business a reality. As I said, some of Tim’s students were clearly presenting because they had to in order to pass, but those with a passion for their idea definitely stood out – and I have faith that some of them will become successful businesses.

I wish all of them – and all you entrepreneurs out there – the best of luck as you put your ideas into motion and work on turning your dreams into a reality.

Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software, Inc.

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