In case you haven’t heard, today the 7-11 convenience store chain is offering “Free 7.11 ounce 7-11 Slurpees on 7/11”.

Catchy, eh? The nationwide chain runs this promo every year to celebrate the anniversary of the famed American icy treat. (81 years old today!)

Aside from the ancillary sales coming from freebie-seeking customers, the PR they get from this is enormous. I stopped looking when I got to page 29 of Google results for “7-11 free Slurpee”. And stories about this were still coming up.

Click here to navigate your way to a free Slurpee near you!

Beth Anne Whalen

Palo Alto Software, Inc.

Beth Anne WhalenBeth Anne Whalen

Beth Anne Whalen has 13 years of sales, sales management, and marketing experience. She has worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, First Advantage Corporation, and Raymond James.