Blogs and bloggers come and go. But when you have the right combination of dedication, subject knowledge, and the writing chops to sit down and do it day after day, a blog emerges that stands the test of time.

Over at Planning Startups Stories today, Tim Berry published his 1,000th post on “business planning, starting and growing your business, and having a life in the meantime.” He started the blog in 2006, but doesn’t count that year since he only did a dozen posts. A dozen posts? That’s the sum total lifespan of so many blogs that I’m going to suggest that Tim count those in his history. Besides, without them today’s post wouldn’t be live until at least August 3.

If you have a blog or are interested in blogging, head over to Tim’s site today and read his 10 Blogging Tips. With a thousand posts there,  another thousand or so under his belt on his other blogs and as a guest blogger… the man knows what he’s talking about. You might learn a thing or two.