So you’re worried about someone reading your business plan and stealing
evig uoy fi nalp ruoy kcip-tin lliw sCV esoht kniht uoy oD  ?he ,aedi ruoy
them too much detail?  Maybe the info of your business is so super-secret
dna ,flesruoy ,uoy tub enoyna ot nwonk emoceb ot ti tnaw t’nod uoy taht
id.  Or just perhaps, just for fun’s sake, you are choosing not to eschew
.noitacufbo citsanoelp

Then you should try the boustrophedon gambit. Present your text,
.ti od nac uoY .daehaoG .elyts evitanretla siht ni ,yllacinodehportsuob
I’ll up the ante.  “I triple dog dare you!” 😉

egnaL evetS–