I recently came across a post at Campus Entrepreneurship about the rise of food/kitchen incubators for culinary entrepreneurs. It is an interesting idea, butCereal what caught my eye more than this idea was the link to Cereality, a cereal fast food restaurant, in a nutshell. Cereal – such a simple product that everyone knows and loves – turned into a fun and creative business.

Some friends and I were just talking about how we love ‘cereal nights’ – those nights when we don’t feel like cooking dinner and having a bowl of cereal seems to be the perfect answer. Clearly we’re not the only ones who feel this way, since founders David Roth and Rich Bacher have started a business based off this concept.

I hope to see this company take off – I think it is a fun new twist to the standard fast food restaurants that surround us. My one main question is whether people will pay more for the same cereal they can get at the grocery store by getting it at Cereality. I guess it boils down to convenience and likely the time of day when your cereal craving hits. Is it worth it to head to Cereality to create a mixed bowl of Cap-n-Crunch and Kashi Go Lean (pick your two favorites) topped with bananas (again, pick your favorite topping) all in a milk (or soy milk)-tight bucket vs. buying the two cereals, fruit and milk and compiling it on your own?

Share your experience and thoughts if you have visited one of the Cereality locations!

Kristen Langham
Marketing Manager
Palo Alto Software