There’s a lot of talk in the media and the blogsphere about the economy and how businesses will be reacting to the climate. Many are guessing there will be layoffs coming in the next several months. PR and Marketing departments are tightening their belts and some companies are cutting those departments altogether. Pretty scary times. But they don’t have to be.

If you look carefully, you’ll find a small but very vocal group of business advisers and business owners who are being smart and not reacting blindly to what is happening in the world.

They’re sitting down with their budgets, their management teams and consultants and really looking at what needs to happen to ensure their businesses survive.

If business is slowing down, what are you doing to ensure your customers keep coming back? If your competitor slashed their advertising budget, isn’t this the time for you to add a couple more budgeting dollars to pick up where they’ve left off? That expensive marketing tool or reporting system that costs you thousands of dollars a month – have you checked to see if there’s a low cost alternative that does pretty much the same thing?

Don’t doom your business by reacting too strongly to what’s going on. Sit down and make good decisions about where your money is being spent and where it will do even more good in the future.

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