This is a short story about Reggie.

Reggie’s folks were poor when he was born, and life was tough for the entire family. Right from the start he had to get used to hardships.

When he entered grade school, Reggie wore hand-me-down clothes, and had used text books. But not knowing any other life, he was getting used to suffering the hardships.

Later, high school was difficult socially for Reggie, as he didn’t have a car or trendy clothes, nor could he afford the plethora of de rigueur electronic gadgets and gizmos. But, as his folks told him, accepting the hardships built character.

Reggie had to hold down a 3/4 time job throughout college. His grades were not stellar when he graduated, but as he stoically shouldered these hardships, he gained some real life business education.

Unlike his well-heeled class-mates, Reggie couldn’t afford to get an MBA, and entered the work force. He had dreams of starting and owning his own business. Reggie had entrepreneurial spirit, and true grit, and stick-to-it-iveness, and he persevered, working towards his goal because he was used to hardships.

Finally Reggie was able to open his own business at a big local marina, selling and servicing the rigging on the sailboats. One day, while working high up on one of the masts, Reggie slipped and plummeted down to the deck. But he was OK, because he was used to hard ships.

Steve Lange
Senior Editor
Palo Alto Software