I have to admit bias squared with this post, because I like Ramon Ray, the author, and he’s congratulating Business Plan Pro, which is my work, on its 15th anniversary. Still, Ramon makes this point very well:

We all know that when applying for a loan and seeking venture capital funds you simply have to have some sort of business plan. But we often forget about one important audience, ourselves. A business plan is not only needed for third parties involved with providing funding to us in one shape or another, a business plan is an important, strategic document to help guide our growth. Like a good road map on a trip, it helps us know where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

That’s from Business Plans Are Not Just for Startups on Ramon’s excellent blog Smallbiztechnology.com. If you don’t follow Ramon there and as ramonray on Twitter, well, you ought to. He’s a true expert in the subject.

(Photo credit: I captured that picture from Ramon’s Twitter profile)

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