net cash flow – This is the projected change in cash position, an increase or decrease in cash balance.

Net Present Value (NPV) – The method of discounting future streams of income using an expected rate of return to evaluate the current value of expected earnings. It calculates future value in today’s dollars. NPV may be used to determine the current value of a business being offered for sale or capitalized.

net profit – The operating income less taxes and interest. The same as earnings, or net income.

net profit margin before taxes – The remainder after cost of goods sold, other variable costs revenue, or simply, total revenue minus total cost. Net profit margin can be expressed in actual monetary values or percentage terms.

net worth – This is the same as assets minus liabilities, and the same as total equity. Other short-term assets These might be securities, business equipment, etc.

new visitors – In online marketing, a website visitor who has not made any previous visits to the site or page in question.

new-brand strategy – The development of a new brand and often a new offering for a product class that has not been previously served by the organizations.

newsletter subscriptions – In online marketing, a conversion value measuring the number of users who voluntarily include themselves in your database and are willing to accept unsolicited email from you.

Not Invented Here (NIH) – A negative response to innovations and inventions from sources outside the venture’s own research and development activities.

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