What’s wrong with this idea? My answer below. First, the idea, as posted at  Startup Meme:

If you think your developer skills are waiting to be brought out to the world but funding stops their creation, worry no more. Consulting firm Herman Blackbook has initiated a mini fund for such developers. The funds that can sum up to $3,000 will be given to those developers who create apps on the Twitter, AppNexus, Trulia and iPhone platforms (others as well). The New Platform Fund investments will only be given to the ten most brilliant ideas. There are many other fund providers who invest in a range from thousands to millions of dollars, and another one joining the group would be an added benefit. If your app hasn’t been considered worth money, give The New Platform Fund a try too.

What’s wrong with the idea? I hope it’s obvious to you. Investors are partners and also bosses at times, extra voices, extra management. That might be well worth it when you need hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, particularly if you hook up with good partners, who add value.

And, disclosure, for all I know, Herman Blackbook Consulting is such a good partner. But still, God bless the child that’s got it’s own.

Here’s what TechCrunch says about that:

Let’s be honest. There is very little reason for an entrepreneur/developer to apply for the New Platforms Fund. Incubator micro-funds like Y Combinator, TechStars and Seedcamp don’t give you much in the way of capital ($15k-$20k), but at least it’s enough to live on for a few months while you work on your idea. And those funds have very deep connections in the venture capital world to get you your first round of capital after you’ve spent their initial funds. It’s not clear at all that this new fund can do any of that for you.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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