4 Accounting Practices You Don’t Want to Screw Up

Put plainly, there are certain accounting practices you don't want to screw up. If you don't get your finances in order, you could find yourself in trouble down the road.

By Lisa Furgison |

Does Working From Home Really Save You Money?

If you’re contemplating making the switch to a home office, here are the financial pros and cons you should keep in mind.

By Kelly Gurnett |

Main Street Kickboxing vs. Target

How a big business's security breach is affecting thousands of small businesses' cash flow.

By Mayra Ceja |

How to Create an Invoice: A Starter Guide

Everything you need to know to get started sending invoices that look professional, are easy to track, and—most importantly—get you your hard-earned money.

By Kelly Gurnett |

5 Tax Preparation Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

A tax attorney offers five tax tips every entrepreneur should know when starting a company.

By Lisa Furgison |

Top 3 Places Where Your Business Could Be Losing Money

To guard your startup cash, you'll want to make smart business decisions out of the gate. Check out this article to learn where your business can lose money fast.

By Lisa Furgison |

Don’t Let an Unsecured Credit Card System Bankrupt Your Business

If your business accepts credit and debit cards, do you know about the security risks? Are you properly protecting your business from the potential of tens of thousands of dollars in fines?

By Kurt Metzler |

Online Credit Card Processing: Everything Your Business Needs to Know

Thanks to low startup costs, online retail has exploded in popularity. In order to sell online, you’ll need to accept credit and debit card payments—here's how.

By Pete Real |

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