Should You Consider Using Bitcoin?

Recent news on the Cyprus banking crisis has brought Bitcoin back into the public view. As the total value of Bitcoins surpasses $1 billion and more merchants jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon, you may be wondering if you should look into Bitcoin yourself. Let’s take a closer look. What is Bitcoin? Founded four years ago...

By Dave Cannon |

Did You Pay to Invest Your Time in the Right Payroll Provider?

You run a business and wear many different hats, one of which is making sure that those you employ are both productive and satisfied with their jobs. So, imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you come to realize that the payroll provider you hired to make sure all your workers are...

By Dave Thomas |

When To Forget Your Numbers. And When Not To

Proving, once again, that no generalization holds for long, it is not true in all cases that business owners have to know their numbers. Sometimes they don’t. For example, when things are going extremely well. You’ve got a good cash balance, no debt, happy customers, healthy growth, and a happy team? Then you’re okay. Focus...

By Tim Berry |

A Sad and Simple Tale of Debits And Credits

Over the weekend I had a very pleasant conversation with a stranger on a plane, smart person, pushing to start a business, and yet also making his life way harder than it should be, and way more stressful, over the apparently frightening and loathsome phrase “debits and credits.” Come on, this isn’t that difficult. If you...

By Tim Berry |

8 Ways to Clean up Your Business Credit Report

A complete and accurate business credit report is like a gourmet meal to a loan underwriter.  Your business credit report is important for your company getting a business loan, because it tends to verify the information provided in your credit application and business plan.  Much like a personal credit report, unless it is managed, the...

By Michael Lockwood |

How to Choose a Bank for Your Startup

It happens that two people I care about are both starting their own professional service businesses. Both of them are really good at what they do as the main core of their business, and neither has any experience with the basic admin. I wanted to help, and as I got going, I realized that this...

By Tim Berry |

How to Overhaul Your Company’s Budget

When reviewing your company’s current financial situation, creating a new budget is typically a key component of being able to allocate your existing funds more appropriately. Re-evaluating your financial priorities frequently can help keep your professional spending habits in check. The following are some practical suggestions that can help you make the best use of...

By Danielle Rodabaugh |

VC Money: If You Don’t Need it, Don’t Accept it

I like this excellent 3-minute video by Paul Kedrosky, venture capitalist, thinker, and Kauffman fellow. Here’s a summary: In “Money Game,” Kedrosky breaks down the various methods that entrepreneurs use to raise capital for new ventures, as well as the benefits–and hazards–tied to each. While entrepreneurs’ greatest source of capital is personal savings, Kedrosky says...

By Tim Berry |

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