Customer Service

Hire People With Brains!

I just posted on Mommy CEO about a great business, ZAPPOS.COM. I think the biggest takeaway from this business is that they have obviously understood that an excellent customer experience will be the competitive differentiator that will make them successful. I think, based on what I know about ZAPPOS, that they have accomplished this by...

Does Everyone on Your Team Agree on Customer Service?

Paul Williams over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix, has a fascinating post about “Service Language.” He worked on the “Green Apron Book” for Starbucks employees to make sure that they are always on the same page about customer service. I had never thought about making sure everyone in the company speaks the same “service” language,...

We don’t need no stinking customers

There’s a great place for lunch, right near the office. I find myself going there at least three times a week because it’s affordable (under six bucks) and VERY healthy. Let’s call this restaurant “Yummy.” So at least three times a week I call Yummy to place an order so that it’s ready for me...

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