Another Email Fail: Obama and the White House

As reported yesterday in the New York Times, The White House experienced more than 6 hours of email outage yesterday. I wonder who is getting fired for this email faux pas? You have to wonder what kind of technology is in place in the White House that they not only had their email service go...

By Sabrina Parsons |

A Word from the Man in the Middle: Building a Culture for Success

Having run a small business with almost 50 employees, sometimes I was conscious of the question, “Am I a good boss? What makes a good boss?” I felt we had a great environment with energetic, committed “team” members. We were one individual part of a national company that I was a partner with, but in...

By Tim Nagle |

Email Fail: Yes even Tim Ferriss has them

Yes, even someone like Tim Ferriss from the 4 hour workweek (his book and blog are GREAT by the way), a man who lives off of espousing better efficiencies in life, has email fails. The email fail: I email Tim about a Princeton related thing (he is an alum like me). He has an automated responder...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Is your website working?

Are My Sites Up? is a relatively new free web-based service that helps you keep track of up time for your websites. The service will send you a SMS alert if your website goes down to help you respond faster and get your business back on line as soon as possible. Vital if you depend...

By Palo Alto Software |

More Bad News for Employment

Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention to these ADP reports until the downturn really went sour last September. I posted on them a couple of times when small business employment grew, slightly, in the midst of bad news almost everywhere else. And now it seems like cheating if I don’t keep up with it, as...

By Tim Berry |

Don’t Let “Vacation Email” Happen to You

This is a time of year when family and good cheer should take precedence over work and things like email monitoring. Many of us will step away from our inboxes and turn our focus on real boxes — those containing gifts. Of course that’s not to say that messages aren’t going to continue materializing in...

By Jason Gallic |

If the Sky is Falling, Say So

(Note: I posted this earlier on Small Business Trends. I’m reposting here for the convenience of my readers at Entrepreneur.com. Tim) A couple of weeks ago a well-known local restaurant with 40-some employees closed its doors on a Monday morning without telling anybody in advance. Employees arrived Monday to a sign saying the business had...

By Tim Berry |

Counterintuitive marketing advice for the bad economy

Today’s guest author is Curt Clinkinbeard, the Director of Training at the FAMEE Foundation. Curt is a former director at the Kansas University Small Business Development Center, an author, consultant, speaker and enthusiast for entrepreneurship.  Curt was the former VP of Sales and Marketing for a rapidly growing medical firm. During his 13 year tenure,...

By Palo Alto Software |

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