Managing a Business

Have You Defined Success?

A good reminder on the bplans blog: as you get going in your startup, doing the thinking, and doing the planning, take a time out to establish your definition of success. Massive unmitigated wealth? An independent life style? Doing what you love and getting paid for it? There are many different measures. Do you care...

Startup Ideas: eLearning Technology

eLearning startups are appearing in new areas, generally beyond the most traditional.

Who are you really reaching with your message

I just posted on my personal blog, Mommy CEO, about marketing to women. There are some interesting questions that I bring up, and I wanted to cross post here at the blog. One of the biggest mistakes I see in business planning is people who think that “everyone” is their target market. For example:...

Grow and Expand – The Right Way!

Once a business is up and running, and things seem to be going well, people often wonder whether they should grow and expand their business. Anita Campbell has a good small post about Knowing When It’s Time To Expand, although she says “I wish there were a magic answer.  If there is one, I don’t...

Show Me the Money

Jeff Cornwall writes a blog post about collecting receivables, which makes me itch to post about planning for cash flow. I am afraid that I might sound like a broken record… but CASH IS KING. While you can certainly look into companies or tools that help you collect receivables to keep the cash flowing into...

Women, Business, and the Plan

Tim Berry writes in his blog about the fact that when Palo Alto Software surveys customers, we get results that indicate that more the 2 times the number of men than women buy Business Plan Pro. Why? And does this really mean that twice the number of men as women write business plans? I have...

Work/Life Balance- the ever pressing dilemma

I just wrote a post on MommyCEO, my personal blog, that discusses work, life and whether we can force work to accommodate life and still have successful companies and successful careers. Check it out! And also read Penelope Trunk’s blog post about MBAs and women. Sabrina Mommy CEO

What Do You Think: Idea or Implementation?

Is this successful startup based on a great idea, or great implementation?

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