Managing a Business

How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Startup

Picking the right attorney in your startup is as important as picking the right business partner. You can’t underestimate the importance of selecting an attorney who “gets” your business model, your market opportunity, and most importantly, your fundraising and exit strategy.

By Caroline Cummings |

4 Essential Hires If You’re Starting a Business in 2020

If you're getting ready to start your business, it's a good time to start planning for the 4 essential hires that bring the expertise to help you grow.

By Andrew Deen |

6 Expert Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow

The saying goes, "cash is king." But, more specifically for businesses, cash flow is king. Learn how to stay on top of the cash flow within your business.

By Brandon Chu |

Quick Tips to Grow Your Souvenir Shop Business

Here's how souvenir shop businesses can grow and knock their sales goals out of the park, to become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. 

By Jasmine Glasheen |

Boost Your SaaS Business Revenue With These 12 Strategies

So, you've launched your new SaaS company. The hard part is over, right? Not so fast—now, it's important to make sure you have a growth strategy in place.

By Noah Parsons |

10 Things Your eCommerce Business Needs to Thrive

Whether you’re still in the planning stages of starting an ecommerce business, or want to evaluate why sales are slowing, here are 10 things to consider.

By Ronak Meghani |

Symptoms of Common Cash Flow Problems: Identify and Fix Them

Cash flow problems aren’t out of your control—and they’re not unpredictable. Here's how to fix cash flow issues, and prevent them in the first place.

By Anna Eschenburg |

8 Ways to Get More Customers and Grow Your Business

Growing your customer base is essential for business success—but it's also easier said than done. How do you get more customers for your business?

By Briana Morgaine |

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