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3 Common Questions About Business Planning

Business planning expert Tim Berry answers three common questions he gets: Why write a business plan? What ’s most often misunderstood about business planning? Why do I recommend Business Plan Pro for business planning? Duration: 4:12  

What Sort of Plan Do You Need?

Tim Berry, author of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan and founder of Palo Alto Software, explains how your business plan should be tailored to match your specific objectives. Duration: 5:10  

How to do your business planning financials- Pt 3 of 3

Tim wraps up the conversation by explaining how this all comes together in Cash Flow. He explains the differences between Profits and Cash Flow, why it’s important to understand and how this affects your business. Duration: 13:08

How to do your business planning financials- Pt 2 of 3

Tim continues the discussion of business planning financials by describing the differences between Costs, Expenses and Assets and a few other concepts. Duration: 12:14   Click here for part 3

How to do your business planning financials- Pt 1 of 3

Tim introduces the viewer to the basic financial concepts one needs to understand when creating their financial model for the business plan. Duration: 7:10 Click here for part 2

Business Planning Fundamentals- Pt 5 of 5

Tim Berry talks about the difference between having a business plan and having a “planning event.“ He explains the concept of “form follows function,“ and gives examples of times when you ’ll want an output of your plan for a specific need. Duration: 10:19

Business Planning Fundamentals- Pt 4 of 5

Once you’ve determined your strategy, how are you going to implement it? Business planning expert Tim Berry discusses the body of your plan, and how to use it to put your strategy into action and help you achieve your goals. Duration: 9:45 Click here for part 5

Business Planning Fundamentals- Pt 3 of 5

At the heart of your business plan is your business strategy. Business planning expert Tim Berry breaks down key areas to think about when crafting this piece of your plan. Duration: 10:26 Click here for part 4

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