Business Terms Glossary

What Is Product Line Pricing?

Product line pricing refers to setting of prices for all items in a product line involving the lowest-priced product price, the highest price product, and price differentials for all other products in the line.

What Is a Brand?

Your company’s brand includes your business name, logo, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of all used to differentiate your goods or services from competitors. See our complete guide to small business branding for more on how to build your brand.

What Is Co-Branding?

Co-branding is the pairing of two manufacturer’s brand names on a single product or service. For more on branding, see our Branding Guide.

What Are Collection Days?

Collection days is supposed to represent the average number of days business waits, on average, between delivering an invoice and receiving payment. The formula for calculating collection days is: =(Accounts_receivable_balance*360)/(Sales_on_credit*12)

What Is the Corridor Principle?

The corridor principle is the principle where an entrepreneurial venture may find that it has significantly changed its focus from the initial concept of the venture as it has continually responded and adapted to its market and the desire to optimize profitability potential. For more on defining your market and target customers, check out How...

What Does Privately Owned Mean?

A company whose shares are not publicly traded on a stock market. Such companies usually have less restrictive reporting requirements than publicly traded companies. A company which is not owned by the government (state owned). In contrast, see the entry for a publicly traded company. Our complete guide to choosing your business structure is good...

What Is Senior Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)?

SCORE is a no-cost consulting and resources service offered through the Small Business Administration.

What Are Earnings?

Also called income or profits, earnings are the famous “bottom line”: sales less costs of sales and expenses. For more, check out our article on the LivePlan blog on net profit, as well as our free Profit and Loss Template.

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