Business Terms Glossary

What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated marketing communications is the practice of blending different elements of the communication mix in mutually reinforcing ways. Check out our article on the outline for a marketing plan to help you think through your marketing efforts.

What Is a Market?

A market refers to prospective buyers, individuals or organizations, willing and able to purchase the organization’s potential offering. To learn more, check out How to Do Market Research and How to Define Your Target Market.

What Are User Registrations?

In online marketing, user registrations is a conversion value measuring the number of website visitors who voluntarily include themselves in your database in order to access the content you provide on your website. See the entry on website metrics for more.

What Is a Life Cycle?

A life cycle is a model depicting the sales volume cycle of a single product, brand, service, or a class of products or services over time described in terms of the four phases of introduction, growth, maturity and decline. See product life cycle as well. 

What Is a Partnership?

Partnerships are hard to describe, because they change so much. They are governed by state laws, but a Uniform Partnership Act that has become the law in most states. That act, however, mostly sets the specific partnership agreement as the real legal core of the partnership, so the legal details can vary widely. Usually the...

What Is Perceived Risk?

Perceived risk is the extent to which a customer or client is uncertain about the consequences of an action, often relating to purchase decisions.  

What Are Resource Requirements (Websites)?

Your resource requirements are the personnel, time, space and equipment necessary to create and maintain your website. Remember that a website is never done—it will always require resources, some of which will be used to periodically create new content.

What Are Switching Costs?

Switching costs are the costs incurred in changing from one provider of a product or service to another. Switching costs may be tangible or intangible costs incurred due to the change of this source.

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