Buying and Selling a Business

6 things to do today to prep your business for sale

Too often, the shareholders of businesses wait until they are ready to sell their business to start planning for an exit. However, a lack of planning today may cause you to lose value when you ultimately are ready to go sip margaritas on the beach. Here are six best practices to follow before you want...

By Carol Roth |

Seducing the Guys with the Money: 7 Factors that Create a Desirable Business

Financial buyers (aka private equity firms and guys that look like them) have billions of dollars to purchase companies, making a sale to a financial buyer one of the top ways for mid-size business owners to get liquidity in their business (liquidity is a fancy way of saying cashing out / getting the benjamins /...

By Carol Roth |

His Investors Made Him Sell

This happens all the time, but usually on a much smaller scale, so this story gets into headlines and serves as a reminder to all entrepreneurs. I read Why I Sold Zappos on Inc. Magazine’s website just two days after I posted Choose an Investor Like You Would a Spouse on this blog. And the...

By Tim Berry |

My Boss Wants to Sell Me The Business

Our ask-the-expert forum at presented me with this question today: Where do I start? My boss said he would sell the business for $500,000. What would be the best way to go about getting this business; and what should I know? Of course this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, but let’s...

By Tim Berry |

Business Valuation

Valuation is what a business is worth, as in “this company’s valuation is $10 million.” This would mean that a company is valued at $10 million, or worth $10 million. The term is used for discussions of sale or purchase of a company; it’s valuation is the price of a share times the number of...

By Tim Berry |

What’s a Domain Name Worth?

What’s a domain name worth? I have reason to write about that today, because of e-mail correspondence. Today I have somebody trying to sell me for $600,000. Yes, you read right, that’s $600,000, as in six hundred thousand dollars. There was a predictable thread: He had chosen me because of my work, his first...

By Tim Berry |

Plan for Changes in LLC Ownership with Buy-Sell Provisions

Many, if not most, LLC owners overlook a critical element of their operating agreement that can save them both money and angst: buy-sell provisions. When you create buy-sell, or buyout, provisions for your operating agreement, you and your co-owners can prepare for events that have been the downfall of more than a few successful small...

By Nolo |

Plan for Ownership Changes with Shareholders

While diligently filing articles of incorporation and adopting bylaws, many corporate owners overlook a critical element of their business relationship: buy-sell, or buyout, provisions. By creating a shareholders’ agreement with buy-sell provisions, the owners of a small, privately held corporation can prepare for events that have been the downfall of more than a few successful...

By Nolo |

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