Agents, Ninjas, Honchos: Which Advisor Is Best for You?

Startups at all stages benefit from the wisdom of advisors. These people typically complement the management team in some meaningful way. They are not on the board, so their advice is merely guidance. Still, if a founder picks the right advisors, she will receive a wealth of benefits. Advisors can serve as: A sounding board...

Leaders: Don’t Try to Do Everything — You’ll End Up Accomplishing Nothing

A leader's work is never to do the work for others, or to be all-knowing. Rather, a leader's work is to provide employees with the means to complete their tasks, and to hold them accountable to the organization.

10 Great Websites for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a budding business owner or an experienced hotshot, taking some time to read what’s going on in the industry is essential. The internet is filled with resources and publications dedicated to assisting you in your ventures, but you have to be able to track down the good stuff. By accessing BPlans, you’re already reading some...

Simple (and Cheap!) Continuing Education For Your Team

I’m a big believer in providing continuing education for our team here at Palo Alto Software. Investing in furthering the professional growth of our team is by far one of the best things we can do to grow internal capacity, generate new ideas, and question old ideas. Providing educational opportunities that spark new questions and...

The Stupid ‘Entrepreneurs are Made Not Taught’ Debate

No such thing as a dumb question? How do you explain this one: Are entrepreneurs born that way, or can they be taught?  The only thing this question is good for is generating trumped-up traffic with a catchy headline. Because this isn’t an either-or question. It’s both, and all of the above, case by case,...

Why Women Make Better Business Leaders

I like this video from And here’s the intro for it, quoted from that site: There’s no question that women are making large strides in U.S. business and technology fields. Today’s generation of women professionals are more likely than any other to found, lead or advise a major U.S. firm. But while women continue...

5 Simple Tips On Working At A Startup

If you’re interested in startups, especially working with one, you should read 17 Simple Tips On Working At A Startup, posted in LinkedIn by Dharmesh Shaw of the very popular Hubspot and the blog. I’ll let the link here take you to his full list. But here are some of my five favorites (with their...

How to Align Life Goals with Business Goals: free webinar

Yesterday’s webinar enjoyed quite a crowd, and author Pamela Slim presented some truly thought provoking questions to help entrepreneurs align their life values with their business goals.   We recorded it in case you missed it!

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