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Paying Attention to Voice Mail

As part of your Customer Service, your team must pay attention to the voice mail messages of your customers. Almost all of us have answering machines or voice mail capabilities on our home phones, office phones, and cellular phones. And we all leave some kind of outgoing message on those systems, sometimes humorous, sometimes dull...

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Getting Closer to Your Customers

Today’s post is from John Wechsler, President of FormSpring. The company, which recently partnered with Email Center Pro, focuses on data collection and management through the use of Web-based forms. As a service, FormSpring ties together improved customer relationships with business success. Sounds very much like the Email Center Pro approach.  “What lies behind us,...

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Singing a Song of Customer Disservice

When I attended my first marketing and public relations classes in college, the professors stressed the strength of customer word-of-mouth marketing. In that B.I. era (Before Internet), the accepted ratio was one satisfied customer will tell one other person. That was considered good. If a customer was treated poorly they’d threaten to tell everyone they...

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Communicating Clearly for Better Customer Service

Several weeks ago, Tim Berry wrote a very interesting blog about respecting the meaning of words, and how difficult it can be when the parties in a conversation use the same words differently. Tim was writing specifically about terms used in accounting and business planning when he wrote: This problem of definitions drives some people...

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Best Customer Service EVER… Really!

About a month ago I reserved a condo in New York for a business trip I have coming up at the end of May.  I run the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network and we run an annual conference every year in late May, and this year I am the one in charge, so I have to be...

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Your Best Customers Are Depending On You In Times Like These

We usually have our weekly planning meetings in one of the coffee shops in town—for one thing, there’s better coffee—and we can usually find a couple of other business owners to chat with. The “R” word is coming up a lot, of course. How bad will it be? What should we do? How worried are...

Customer Service is the new PR

I didn’t say it, Chris Brogan did – because he’s a smart guy. Actually what he said was this: “Customer service isn’t a chore. It’s the new PR” and it’s the truth, the public face of your company – which most likely is your customer service/customer care department is as important and as key to...

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Handling Customer Service: Is it a Flaw or an Opportunity?

We work really hard, here at Palo Alto Software, to make sure our software works right – not just on one operating system or setup, but on all the possible configurations we support. We’ve got two full-time testers sitting right next to the developers who write the code, gleefully pointing out any bugs they find....

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