Customer Service

Flaws or Opportunities?

Did you know that problems with your products are not necessarily going to make your customers dissatisfied? At least, not in the long run. Instead, they can provide an opportunity to turn customers into evangelists for your customer service. Think about this common scenario: you boot up your computer, ready to work (or play a...

By Sara Prentice-Manela |

Don’t call us and we won’t call you.

If you have a question or a technical issue with a product that Palo Alto Software produces, you can call us. It’s true. You can pick up the phone and dial 800-229-7526 and get right to a real live person. You can talk to any of our sales or technical support team. We don’t have...

By Palo Alto Software |

When Do You Send People Away?

There were times in the past when I was able to listen to a caller on the phone, understand what he wanted, and recommend something else. One that I used to get a lot in the early days of Palo Alto Software was where the customer wanted accounting, not planning. “No, Business Plan Pro doesn’t...

By Tim Berry |

Shut up, you stupid customer

Ok. Maybe the title is a little bit harsh, but it got your attention, right? Why is it that more and more these days I feel that companies I purchase products and services from are telling me to “shut up and take it”. Let me give you just a few real examples of times I...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Not Everybody is a Customer

This is hard for me to post, because it—well, the headline, at least—seems so negative. Still, I’ve been dealing with a number of startups lately, and it seems like we all need a refresher reminder: “I don’t know the secret to success, but I do know that the secret to failure is trying to please...

By Tim Berry |

Amazing… Bank of America reads blogs

A few weeks ago I blogged about customer service and I relayed an experience I had at the Eugene Track and Field Olympic Finals with Bank Of America. They were a sponsor and had a booth, and apparently were treating non-customers better than customers. Much to my amazement, on Friday I got a call from...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Take it to the next level

I just returned to my office after visiting the local FedEx Kinko’s for assistance with a couple marketing projects. As I walked out of the store, I thought about how pleasant my experience was and how receiving good vs. bad customer service can really affect you as a consumer. The sales associate I worked with...

By Kristen Langham |

Update: Amazon Makes Good

So I am relieved to say that Amazon did the right thing and proved to me that they do care about customer service. I was so upset with them yesterday, and vowed I would no longer be a loyal customer. Today not only is my item being delivered, but I have 3 emails from their...

By Sabrina Parsons |

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