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Amazon used to be all about customer service – what happened?

I ordered an item June 30th. I paid for one day shipping (granted it was cheap shipping – but that’s not my fault). Amazon shipped the item on July 1st. But somehow mysteriously Amazon can ship out July 1st, promise one day shipping and deliver July 3rd. I am not a PHD in Math —...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Customer Service Is Marketing

Seth Godin writes a great post about Verizon and their lack of customer care. What I find fascinating is companies that have lots and lots of money to spend on marketing — and then totally blow it on the customer service side of things. What exactly is so difficult about putting a proper system in...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Customer Service and Disservice

Here are another two stories about the importance of good customer service. I’m heading back to Illinois to move the last of my mother’s furniture from her newly sold house to her new place in Ohio. We were searching online for moving van/truck rentals and price estimates. One place we looked was The next...

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Do you have consistency, dedication and pride?

I don’t think a company starts out to give bad service. They don’t generally have a space in their business plan that says, “Do things really badly”. I’m sure, well mostly sure, that most companies start out wanting to be the best out there and produce the best product and be the top of their...

By Palo Alto Software |

How Well do You Handle Your Buzz?

This morning our team that handles all of our incoming customer service, sales, and technical support requests started buzzing with activity as soon as they arrived in the office. We had hundreds of emails from customers over the weekend asking for help with everything from upgrading their software to our new version of Business Plan...

By Bailey Koharchick |

Who answers the phone?

One of the little-recognized benefits of the bootstrapped startup is what happens with the phones. The founders answer. Looking back — I posted earlier today on this blog about Palo Alto Software history — I’m grateful for the slow bootstrapped growth of Palo Alto Software, which meant that I was answering the phone. In the...

By Tim Berry |

Is Providing Good Customer Service Really That Hard?

I just got off the phone with a University Bookstore (who shall remain anonymous) who purchased 24 copies of our Business Plan Pro software. We did play a little phone tag before we connected, but the time that lapsed between his original call and the call where we actually spoke was 22 hours (not bad...

By Kristen Langham |

Turn customers away and grow your business

If you follow the Duct Tape Marketing blog, you’ll know that one of John Jantsch’s core strategies for small business marketing is to define your ideal customer. Today he turns that notion upside down and asks readers to define who you don’t want as your customer. This is good advice. In fact, turning customers away...

By Noah Parsons |

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