Funding a Business

ways to stay on top of your business finances

12 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Business Finances

However, it can be difficult to find room on your to-do list for this tedious but important task. To find out more about how actual business owners approach monitoring their financials, we asked Young Entrepreneur Council members this question:

Business men looking at their key performance indicators

Critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Founders

As a founder of a small business or startup, you’re juggling many things. You need to use your time and resources productively by focusing on the right metrics so you can use data to help you implement improvements that matter.

lawyer at desk with pen and notebook working to help a startup

How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Startup

Picking the right attorney in your startup is as important as picking the right business partner. You can’t underestimate the importance of selecting an attorney who “gets” your business model, your market opportunity, and most importantly, your fundraising and exit strategy.

cash flow troubleshooting tips

6 Expert Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow

The saying goes, "cash is king." But, more specifically for businesses, cash flow is king. Learn how to stay on top of the cash flow within your business.

nonprofit budgeting

3 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Need Better Budgets

Budgets are an important tool for nonprofits—both from a legal standpoint, and to keep investors and donors engaged and happy. Here's how to improve the budgeting process within your nonprofit.

how to find angel investors

How to Land Funding From Angel Investors

If you're starting a business with high-growth potential, finding investment may be an important item on your to do list. Here's how to find angel investors.

separating personal and business bank accounts

How to Separate Your Small Business and Personal Finances

If you're starting a business, it's important to separate your business finances and personal finances early on. Here's why, and how to do it.

fundraising early stage business

A Guide to Early Fundraising for New Businesses

Whether you’re a private company looking for funding, or a growth-stage company looking to be listed on a public exchange, early investment is critical.

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