Funding a Business

Securing Venture Capital Funding for Your Business

First I need to clarify: I use venture capital in the title of this post because so many people in the real world apply the phrase venture capital to any investment that isn’t friends and family, personal savings, or a business ally establishing a joint venture. Technically that’s the wrong phrase because venture capital is really...

By Tim Berry |

Do You Need Funding?

Most businesses need financing. Cash flow is different from profits, so profits don’t guarantee money in the bank. There’s financing needed to manage starting costs, inventory, waiting to get paid, and other factors. Much of that is what we lump together as “working capital.” Most people think of financing as debt, borrowed money. In this...

By Tim Berry |

Finance options for purchasing a small business

Purchasing an existing small business may be a good way to fulfill dreams of being your own boss. But where does the money come from to purchase it? The best way to have access to funds is to have collateral. Equity in a home is often one of the best resources. If that is not...

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Funding tips for small business

Obtaining funding should start with a solid business plan. If you write a convincing business plan, then your chances of obtaining funding are greatly enhanced. Lenders and investors want to see proof that customers want your product or service and are willing to buy it for a price at which you can make a profit....

By Tim Berry |

The truth behind small business grants

Grants to for-profit businesses are virtually nonexistent. Don’t believe promoters who advertise that they will charge you a fee for a list of grants on the books. Grants are generally for nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation. They are virtually not available in the for-profit sector unless there’s some esoteric local program in your own...

By Milton Zlotnick |

Big Dreams, but No Money to Fund Your Business?

There are many would-be entrepreneurs out there with great ideas but no money to invest in their venture. In the last 14 years I have had so many people say there are grants out there to help finance a business. And I have so many more ask me where that grant-financing money is at. In...

By Bailey Koharchick |

No Money? No Problem!

Is it possible to start a business without money or collateral? Anything is possible and most companies were started from someone’s ideas written down on paper and financed by those who saw merit in the plan. Still, realism is important. This depends a lot on the specifics of the business. Some businesses are relatively easy...

By Tim Berry |

10 Critical Cash Flow Rules (Part 2)

(This is cross posted from my column on Entrepreneur.Com) Cash flow problems can kill businesses that might otherwise survive. According to a U.S. Bank study, 82 percent of business failures are due to poor cash management. To prevent this from happening to your business, here are my 10 cash flow rules to remember. Profits aren’t...

By Tim Berry |

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