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Is There a Catch 22 of VC Funding?

According to Mike Glanz, of, there’s a Catch 22 of venture capital financing: you can’t get venture capital (VC) money without a track record, but you can’t get a track record without getting VC money first. I don’t agree with his underlying point, but I like the way he puts it: I’m stuck. Not...

By Tim Berry |

Truth About Grants

Sorry. There’s no free lunch. And there’s very little free government money for you to start your business. You’ve probably seen Matthew Lesko on television. He’s the guy with question marks all over his sport coat who talks very fast and offers free government money. Sometimes he throws bills in the air. Free government money...

By Tim Berry |

Wooing Angel Investors: Do’s and Don’ts

Simona Covel interviewed angel investor Knox Massey in today’s StartupJournal | Venture Capital column and produces a good practical list of what to do and what not to do when seeking angel investors. Research the investors Don’t expect to get funding right away Network Treat your initial interactions as the first step in a long-term...

By Tim Berry |

Are person-to-person loans a viable financing option?

Thanks to VentureBeat for this post on person-to-person loans. This is a mainly-Internet phenomenon that could have impact on small business financing. I’m intrigued with the idea myself, wondering what they’re doing about legal implications, risk management, and other lending concerns. VentureBeat ยป Prosper raises $10M to assert lead in person-to-person loans — Tim Berry

By Tim Berry |

New Site Reviews Investors

Thanks to A VC for tipping me off to The Funded, where entrepreneurs rate investors. This site is a good reminder that few entrepreneurs realize they should choose investors as carefully as investors choose them. — Tim

By Tim Berry |

Q&A: The Balance Sheet When Buying a Business

You have to separate your personal finances from your business’ finances. Mixing them causes all kinds of problems. The confusion is common when people are purchasing a business. Take this example, from an email sent to our Ask the Experts forum today: Question: I am having some problem balancing the balance sheet in my business...

By Tim Berry |

Stirring VC Assumptions

Are the high-end venture capital firms changing the game for the elite start-ups they fund? Specifically, are they looking at much smaller investments? Last week I attended the Web 2.0 Expo session on venture capital that included David Hornik, who wrote afterwards: “I took part in a panel today called ‘Venture Capital 2.0: Bright Future...

By Tim Berry |

Q & A: Sweat Equity at Startup

Question: I am starting a company that will require a substantial amount of financing through private investors. I have an initial seed group of five investors (including myself) who have all put an equal amount of money into the project thus far. Each investor is responsible to raise more capital through outside investors. I created...

By Tim Berry |

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